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Richard L. Taylor Promotes Fair Elections In Georgia As A Co-Chair Of Fair Fight

Richard L. Taylor is knowledgeable about micro-housing and construction compliance. He is also well-versed in urban economic development policies. After graduating from Harvard Law School and Business School, he began his career. Richard L. Taylor of Boston provided strategic planning services to Fortune 500 companies at Boston Consulting Group. Along with being a real estate executive, Richard L. Taylor, […]

Richard L. Taylor’s Career Grants Him Opportunities To Give Back In Gratitude For His Life Achievements

Richard L. Taylor Boston has had a life-long calling. Now, with his current career roles, he can fulfill it. Currently, Richard L. Taylor holds three professional positions. Richard L. Taylor is the Chairman at the real estate company, Taylor Smith Group, he is the Secretary of Transportation, and the founding director of the Center for Real Estate […]

Richard L. Taylor’s Book Provides Insight Into The African American Community Sinking Deep Roots In Martha’s Vineyard

Richard L. Taylor’s career includes projects in the retail, residential, and commercial sectors. Richard L. Taylor’s high level of education and years of hands-on experience that enables him to be a wearer of many hats. Richard L. Taylor’s expertise lies in the commercial and retail industry. He also specializes in many social areas. Richard L. Taylor is knowledgeable about micro-housing, construction […]